All About Raw Goats Milk

Why should I buy raw goats milk?

Our milk is made with dogs, cats, and orphaned animals in mind. Adding raw milk to your pet’s diet can provide enzymes, probiotics, powerful antioxidants, essential fatty acids, concentrated vitamins (such as essential vitamin K2) and trace minerals in a live, whole food form. (Via its also the universal donor milk for all orphaned animals!! from pups to squirrels to raccoons and fawns!

How does raw goats milk benefit animals?

Raw goat milk is perfect for dogs and cats who suffer from any number of digestive issues. Let’s face it, some pets just have sensitive stomachs. Whether raw, cooked or kibble-fed, they simply cannot digest their food well. The results can range from an inability to properly assimilate nutrients, to gas and loose stools on a regular basis. Chock full of probiotics and enzymes, raw goat milk can assist your sensitive pet in beating the symptoms of an underachieving digestive system. Raw goat milk helps to wipe out bad bacteria in your pet’s system and repopulate it with beneficial bacteria. This makes goat milk invaluable for pets with sensitive digestive tracts and also for pets that have been subjected to various antibiotics. It also decreases mucous and inflammation, raw goat milk contains both anti-mucous and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a perfect supplement for dogs and cats who suffer from allergies of any sort, including food and environmental allergies. Raw goat milk also has tremendous immune boosting properties. By virtue of the sheer amount of vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and fatty acids, the overall health of your pet is greatly enhanced when raw goat milk is supplemented. Goat milk has also been shown to help fight any number of common ailments such as kidney issues, cancers, liver disease, diabetes, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, ulcers and various brain and nervous system disorders. Goat milk carries significantly higher amounts of calcium, vitamin B-6, vitamin A, potassium, niacin and the anti-oxidant selenium, than cow’s milk all while being far easier to digest and utilize. (via

Is your milk pasteurized? Why not?

No. Processing, such as pasteurization will lower the nutritional value of the milk.

What if I want to drink the goats milk? Will it hurt me?

We currently only sell goats milk for animal consumption. The FDA warns against humans drinking raw goats milk.

What are your sanitation practices?

I sanitize all of my equipment as well as my hands and the goats’ udders at each milking– I hand milk and use a milk machine ! We are also a disease-free herd. All of my adult goats are tested negative for CAE, CL, Johns, Brucellosis, TB, and Q-Fever.

I have more questions.

Reach out to us and we will be glad to answer any of your questions! Visit our contact page.

What environment do your goats live in?

Our goats are pastured and grain fed in a low stress environment. They get everyday stimulation and roam large fields with an abundance of grass and plants to munch on! They’re very happy goats. Happy goats will produce far better quality milk. we hang out with the goats daily!

Do we have other animals?

  • We have one horse; Wyomie is a palomino

  • One farm dogs, Camo and Adventure they greet everyone that comes to the farm.

  • One barn cat, EJ. He lives in our barn. He is a great hunter. He keeps all critters who do not belong in the barn out.